Leather Repair Kits

Professional Grade Leather Repair kits containing everything you'll need to make minor repairs and
recolor leather like
a Professional.
Leather Repair KitsRefinishing Kit
start at $28.95 +s/h.





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King Ranch ProductLeather Renew is one of the only providers that offers King Ranch Leather repair/re-finishing kits.  Our proprietary leather dye is formulated especially for the King Ranch Leather, and it will beautifully restore King Ranch equipped vehicles.  Easy to follow instructions specific to King Ranch are included along with enough materials to re-finish either two front seats or the rear seat in trucks. 


Damage Repair Kit

Kitty Damage
contains Repair Kit
virtually everything
you'll need to Equine Product
complete the repair of your kitty damage!


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Suede ProductSuede & NuBuck leathers are some of the most beautiful of all, however, those leathers do require a good bit of care.  Leather Renew’s  products are specially formulated to clean, condition, and protect Suede and NuBuck without damaging or making the leather stiff. 


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Leather Care Products

Leather LotionOur leather care products contain hard to find natural waxes and oils which will condition, re-hydrate and beautify your leather like no product you have ever used! These are truly professional quality products at really low prices!






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Odor Neutralizers

Odor NeutralizerOur odor abatement products chemically destroy odors rather than just covering the odor with a “masking agent.”  The Odor Neutralizer liquid also acts as a disinfectant to kill germs which may be present in contaminated areas.  These products will not stain leather, upholstery, or carpets when used as directed.  Odors from pets, mold & mildew, spilled food or drinks, smoke, etc. are all eliminated by our products whether in your home, office, or automobile. 


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